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About Us

Welcome to the student chapter of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society at UIC. Open to undergraduate and graduate students, the chapter offers hands-on experience, professional preparation, and networking opportunities at the intersection of bioengineering and electrical engineering.

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IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is the world’s largest international society of biomedical engineers. The organization’s 12,000 members reside in some 97 countries around the world. EMBS provides its members with access to the people, practices, information, ideas, and opinions that are shaping one of the fastest-growing fields in science.

Our members design the electrical circuits that make a pacemaker run, create the software that reads an MRI, and help develop the wireless technologies that allow patients and doctors to communicate over long distances. They’re interested in bioinformatics, biotechnology, clinical engineering, information technology, instrumentation and measurement, micro and nanotechnology, radiology, and robots. They are researchers and educators, technicians, and clinicians—biomedical engineers are the link between science and life science, creating innovations in healthcare technology for the benefit of all humanity

Source: EMBS Official Website (Check it out to delve deeper into EMBS)